AI / Robots

AI and the QSR: How This Emerging Technology Can Improve Your Restaurant

Restaurateurs are pressured to meet the growing expectations of consumers who are hungry for more convenience and personalization. Today’s digital natives have come to expect even quicker, easier and more customized service. Enter artificial intelligence […]


How Restaurant Brands Leverage the Recurring Purchase Power of Gift Cards This Holiday Season and Enjoy the Gift of Brand Intimacy

The holidays are around the corner and many consumers are opting to give gift cards as presents. On average, most consumers purchase at least two gift cards during the holiday season. The foodservice industry is […]


How Dynamic Items Deliver Menu Management Freedom

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. I represent a POS software company, but that won’t stop me from admitting that POS systems just haven’t made it easy for enterprise restaurant operators to […]

Restaurant Technology News

Pizza Hut’s Latest Technology Innovation: Round Pizza Boxes

The wheel is often cited as one of humankind’s earliest technology innovations. Yet here we are, thousands of years later, with pizza boxes that, despite the shape of their contents, remain firmly square, (although, to […]


Ordermark and Uber Eats Collaborate to Enhance Value for Restaurant Partners

Restaurant technology service provider Ordermark, which is helping restaurants and virtual kitchens generate new revenue and profits by adding all available delivery services into a single dashboard and kitchen printer, has entered into a new […]

Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview: Sumir Meghani, Co-Founder and CEO at Instawork

On-demand staffing solution provider Instawork has been growing by leaps and bounds, particularly in the restaurant realm, where the app works to the benefit of both restaurant owners/operators and restaurant job seekers/workers. Sumir Meghani is […]