PAR Technology Launches Subscription-Based Restaurant Hardware Offering

Global restaurant technology company ParTech, Inc. has launched PAR Infinity™. The subscription-based hardware offering combines PAR’s purpose-built technology with industry-leading support services such as a 24x7x365 help desk, robust managed care capabilities, field service, and […]

Solution Provider News

Cheetah Sees Expansive Growth for Its Restaurant Supplies Marketplace App and Tech-Enabled Logistics Capabilities

Cheetah, which bills itself as a technology supply chain company operating a wholesale food and restaurant supplies marketplace, has maintained a relatively low profile since its founding in 2015. That, however, is bound to change […]

Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview: Bo Davis, Cofounder and CEO of MarginEdge

Bo Davis, who serves as CEO of leading restaurant management platform MarginEdge, which he cofounded in 2015, has extensive experience as both a restaurateur and a restaurant technology solution. Prior to launching MarginEdge, he was […]

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How Restaurant Chains Can Streamline Security System Management

Restaurant chains rely on physical security systems to keep customers and employees safe and operations secure. Historically, this includes video surveillance with on-premises storage and monitoring. While this may be adequate to manage security at […]


How Your Restaurant Can Use Social Media to Improve Business Success

Social media plays a crucial role in today’s business so whether your restaurant currently has an active social media page or not, your business is under discussion online. In fact, according to a study conducted […]