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Why Restaurant Technology is Needed to Hone the Dining Surge

Many restaurateurs have taken a bearish stance on dining revenues as we emerge from the pandemic, arguing that eating habits have irrevocably changed as a result of so much time spent in lockdown and learning how to cook or bake for oneself. We portend the opposite for one simple reason. Dining at home means a well-cooked meal. Dining out is an experience. By this reason, even if you have become a master in the kitchen with all that free time and can produce dishes of the same quality as a restaurant for a fraction of the price, there is simply no comparison to the sensory amplification of escaping the house. The ambiance created by a restaurant’s décor; the sounds of other groups socializing nearby; the terse conversations with a jovial yet knowledgeable server as they dance through the aisles; even the journey to and from the chosen eatery by taxi or by foot – all this adds to the dining out experience in ways that a homecooked supper can never equate. And we haven’t even factored in that you aren’t spending hours chopping vegetables and [...]

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