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4 Technology-Related Predictions for Quick-Service Restaurants in 2023

We are seeing labor shortages and commodity price increases as catalysts for restaurants to accelerate the adoption of an advanced array of new technology solutions spanning physical security and business intelligence. With that in mind, here are a few predictions for technology trends that will impact quick serve restaurants (QSRs) in 2023. 1. Cameras will start to replace alarm systems 2023 could be the year we start to see AI-based cameras replacing the traditional alarm panel. Why have a separate motion sensor and/or glass break sensor when you can have an AI-based camera that can accurately detect and characterize people or vehicles while providing video verification to a monitoring center? AI-based interactive video monitoring can also eliminate false alarms while providing better intrusion detection with fewer resources deployed on the ground. 2. The parking lot will be the new dining room QSRs can’t seem to increase drive-thru capacity fast enough. What was a necessity during the pandemic, has only gained [...]

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