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How Restaurants Can Increase Profits and Improve Guest Experiences with a Text to Order and Text Marketing Solution

Ground-breaking technology solutions were crucial for restauranteurs in 2020. Now, savvy restaurant operators are leaning on digital solutions to grow and scale their businesses even more. One of these solutions is text ordering or text to order (TTO)—the latest and greatest digital ordering channel. Text ordering is exactly what it sounds like—an ordering channel that allows customers to place orders via text. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) accurately interprets orders placed using the SMS function of a mobile device. The combination of natural language processing (NLP) with real-time quality control delivers a fast, convenient, and accurate customer ordering experience. Here’s how your restaurant benefits from a text ordering and text marketing solution to boost sales and drive great guest experiences. Take Customer Convenience to the Next Level Text to order serves as a major asset for restaurant owners and chains because it gives customers a quick and easy way to order without having to call in by phone. This saves time because they don’t have to re-enter the order or payment information. Customers can quickly use digital payments on file, and never swipe their card again [...]

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