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How Restaurants Can Optimize the Customer Checkout Process with New Payment Technologies

A lot has changed in the way restaurants adapted to overcome the pandemic. It may be that your business has gone through staff turnovers and that you or your team had to embark on a digital and social media journey to survive. But I’d bet that your checkout process still has lots of room to improve – as is the case with most restaurants. By going through the thoughts below, your restaurant(s) can not only avoid losing customers due to payment method preference but tap into an opportunity of standing out by offering the ultimate checkout experience. Spoiler: it also means savings and more profits. It seems like QR codes are popping up everywhere these days after the pandemic drove a push toward contactless. If you haven’t already, consider introducing a QR code-powered digital menu. These are fairly easy and inexpensive to do (this site offers the QR code for [...]

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