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Why More Restaurants are Ditching Traditional Phone Ordering in Favor of Text-Based Online Ordering

The restaurant industry has undergone many changes since 2020. From the transition to QR code menus to 100 percent reliance on online ordering, the industry has effectively upgraded its practices. Propelled by these quickly changing times and preferences, restaurants have found that technology solutions are a necessity to continue competing with similar establishments. To create a smoother experience for customers and restaurant employees, restaurants continue to look toward innovative solutions. The elimination of having staff answer the phones has been one of the many ways restaurants have changed communications with patrons. It’s a rising trend that the industry has seen since the onset of the pandemic. Instead of phones, restaurants across the country have opted into other forms of digital ordering, including text ordering, third-party apps, native apps, outsourcing their phone orders to a call center or directing consumers to order via the restaurant website. Across the board, restaurateurs have reported increased efficiency, reduced stress among front of house employees, [...]

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