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What Does “Contactless” Really Mean for the Restaurant Industry?

In the wake of COVID-19, keeping restaurant operations as contactless as possible is a must. Not only does it make employees safer, it demonstrates a commitment to health and wellness that gives guests the confidence to return. But before guests start knocking on the door, it is important to understand what “contactless” really means for the restaurant industry. “Contactless” or “touchless” represents any part of the dining experience that previously required guests and employees to touch shared surfaces or closely interact. Contactless eliminates the need for these physical inputs, either through technology, a change in layout or operational adjustment. This approach can be represented throughout a restaurant. From initiating digital ordering and payment to minimizing the number of shared surfaces and objects, contactless represents a new way of keeping employees and guests safe, while also providing exceptional service. How to Introduce Contactless in a Restaurant There are several areas of [...]

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