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Using New Technologies to Address Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry

In December of last year, I was fortunate to be able to attend COP28 – the United Nations conference on climate change – where I listened to climate scientists, business leaders, politicians, journalists and NGOs try to find solutions to the most urgent issue of our time: climate change. While energy dominated most of the conversation, I was heartened to hear more discussion around one of the most critical but overlooked elements of climate change: food waste. Our food system contributes 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions, second only to those from electricity. By comparison, transportation accounts for only 14% of greenhouse gas, and a large percentage of that transportation is used to move food. The food waste problem is particularly pronounced in the restaurant industry, where nearly just 15% of unused food is recycled or donated, meaning that fully 85% is simply thrown away. This contributes to this staggering [...]

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