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How Restaurants Can Power Experiential Dining With QR Codes

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that hygiene and safety especially in the restaurant industry are of paramount importance. While resuming their services, restaurants have to ensure customer and staff safety. The adoption of technology, in this case, can help restaurant owners redesign their processes, making it easier, safer, and more efficient.  And restaurants need to look no further than QR Codes. QR code powered solutions are making restaurants a safer place to dine in, grab take away from, and help redesign the dining experience.  While QR Codes became mainstream in restaurants with QR menus and payments, there’s more to the humble technology than meets the eye. Here are 6 ways QR codes can be used beyond menus to provide a contactless and personalized experience. #1. Schedule offers  Restaurants and bars usually have a special happy hour menu and price. Or, they may switch offers for an important holiday. Imagine having to switch out QR Codes or manually changing the prices over and over again. Robust QR Code solutions allow you to automate your campaigns so that you can focus on what’s important and [...]

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