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How Advanced Technologies Can Help Restaurants Combat Food Waste 

Every year, roughly 63 million tons of food waste is sent to landfill in America, and with costs of around $218 billion to grow, process, transport, and subsequently dispose of that organic produce, it’s an expensive habit that needs to change. While the biggest contributor to these figures is the end consumer, the U.S. restaurant sector also plays its part, generating 11.4 million tons of food waste annually at a cost of more than $25 billion. To combat this increasingly problematic element of the food service industry, companies around the world are searching out innovative and efficient solutions, and like in many other sectors, they are leveraging technology to do so. Through innovative tracing, management and, of course, mobile apps, technology is changing the landscape of the industry, and it has food waste firmly in its sights. Driving Change with Technology Tracing products through the food supply chain is one [...]

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