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Why Restaurants Should Install Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

A recent Forbes article called electricity “the future of transportation”. A combination of factors is driving consumers towards electric vehicles (EVs) – including soaring gas prices, environmental goals, lower-priced EV models, and government sales incentives. Savvy restaurant owners and managers are adding charging stations in their parking lots, which can entice these three key audiences: Customers and prospects – People (especially millennials) want to support sustainable brands, so adding charging stations is a great way to attract them. Since EV owners need places to regularly stop and charge their cars, they’re looking for venues that provide charging stations and something to do (eat, drink, work) while they wait. Employees – Increasingly, people want to work for sustainable companies, and adding onsite charging stations takes your eco-friendly efforts to the next level. Plus, employees with EVs can easily charge their cars during their shifts. Your commitment to sustainability and responsible transportation can be a key differentiator for your restaurant to attract [...]

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