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The State of Restaurant Technology: 3 Major Trends for the Post-COVID World

The past few months have seen the restaurant industry entirely upended and transformed. Technology that had been gathering steam for years, like customer ordering kiosks and shared tablets for waitstaff, is suddenly no longer viable. Other trends that were still emerging pre-COVID are now nearly ubiquitous.  While not every development in restaurant technology can be directly tied to the coronavirus and all the associated health concerns, we are seeing a new environment emerge that has been irrevocably shaped by the virus—and that environment, I believe, is here for the long-term.  With that in mind, here are three major technology trends that I see taking hold in the restaurant industry.  Massive adoption of bring-your-own-device Mobile ordering was already a fast-expanding phenomenon, but the stay-at-home orders that affected most of the U.S. population for March, April, and May of this year have accelerated mobile ordering and bring-your-own-device adoption at record speed.  This [...]

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