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How Paris Baguette’s Resident IT Guru is Utilizing Restaurant Technology to Bring the Company Into the Future

Massimo Mallozzi is a believer. In pushing businesses forward. In improving customer experiences. In utilizing technology to make the world a better place. He’s spent his entire career harnessing digital innovation in the hospitality sector and now, as Vice President of Information Technology for Paris Baguette, Mallozzi is enacting some of his boldest innovations yet. “We’re in the service industry so the first thing we’re always thinking about is how we can leverage digital technology to enhance the guest experience,” says Mallozzi, who has logged time at well-regarded companies such as Potbelly Sandwich Works and Le Pain Quotidien before joining Paris Baguette in 2019. From optimizing operations to utilizing digital innovation to  automate processes, leading to growth and scalability, harnessing the power of new and forward-thinking technology is what truly lights Mallozzi’s fire. The project however he’s perhaps most excited about [...]

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