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Why Mobile Apps Hold the Key to Increasing Restaurant Profits

Since third-party delivery services have come on the scene, it’s presented a bit of an impasse for many restaurants. Do you opt to build an in-house delivery service or go with the convenience of the outsourced service? Both certainly have their pros and cons. On the one hand, going with a third-party delivery service alleviates restaurants from having to build the logistical infrastructure and hire a team. But on the other hand, these services tend to come with some pretty lofty fees, which restaurants felt the real impact of as the pandemic has lingered on. It’s not just the fees, however, that many restaurants are now starting to question. It’s also that they’ve had to relinquish control of the customer experience and valuable customer insight that could be used to create the kinds of personalized experiences that create and foster customer loyalty. Some have started to speak out and certain [...]

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