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How Innovative Tech Tools Can Help Restaurants Overcome Pressing Challenges

The restaurant industry is currently facing some simultaneous challenges. For instance, restaurant brands must: Stand out from the (stiff) competition. Today’s restaurants face increased competition, not just from other brick-and-mortar establishments but also from non-traditional dining options like ghost kitchens and virtual brands. Restaurant brands need to differentiate themselves to attract customers and maximize sales. Meet changing consumer preferences. Last year’s hot trends (like pickletinis and Sriracha variations) might be cooling down moving forward. Therefore, restaurants must stay aware of consumers’ ever-changing demands – and be nimble and adaptable enough to give them exactly what they want. Otherwise, customers will go elsewhere to find it. Attract and retain talented staff.  Even several years post-pandemic, many restaurants are still struggling with ongoing staffing shortages. Since there’s increased competition for employees, restaurant brands must go above and beyond to attract and retain talent in this extremely competitive environment. Keep up with ever-evolving [...]

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