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Five Ways Electric Detection Technology is Advancing Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Now more than ever, success in the commercial kitchen and food service space is tied to facility safety. The effects of global lockdowns have hit the hospitality sector especially hard, and restaurants continue struggling to make up for lost business or to stay in business at all. With owners and operators forced to put time and resources towards addressing new challenges brought by the pandemic, it’s even more critical that they have efficient tools to help mitigate the risk of a devastating fire event. With this challenge in mind, fire protection technology providers have introduced smarter detection and suppression solutions that provide peace of mind, operational efficiency, and compliance with necessary codes and standards like UL300/ULC300 and NFPA 96. One recent innovation, electric fire detection technology, can support these needs while also providing flexible, low-maintenance fire safety. Here are five ways electric detection technology is simplifying and advancing commercial kitchen [...]

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