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Restaurants Get Smart with Emerging Cloud Technologies

Technology has never been more critical in the restaurant business. The increase in digital tools and software has helped restaurants improve their processes and profitability. As more dining rooms are opening and returning to normal operations, these tools are valuable additions to any restaurant’s portfolio. Most restaurants have learned the value of technology but the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the adoption of new innovations in restaurants globally. And today, technology used to enhance restaurant security has never been a more critical investment. Though it is impossible to prevent every occurrence of the risk, restaurants must reduce fraud and loss. And in today’s economy, restaurants are concerned about more than just theft. This segment’s overall success depends on excellent customer service, effective and efficient ordering, and maximizing staffing. More than ever, it is paramount that restaurants implement multifaceted solutions to improve security efforts and business operations. For many restaurant operators, innovative technologies, such as video analytics and the cloud, can enable their teams to quickly gather insights and turn that data into actions that enhance safety, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. More restaurants are looking [...]

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