xtraCHEF Enhances Its Restaurant Management Platform With Inventory and Order Management Solutions

xtraCHEF, a cloud-based restaurant management platform that offers best-in-class Accounts Payable (AP) automation alongside back-of-house business and operational intelligence, has announced its latest product release featuring a state-of-the-art Restaurant Inventory Management solution. The company has […]

Inventory Tracking

Restaurants Embrace Advanced Technologies for Inventory Management

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor “Waste not, want not.” The age-old proverb is one that most restaurant operators cannot help but constantly mutter under their breaths. Often operating as they do with razor-thin margins, restaurant […]

Inventory Tracking

Using Technology to Keep a Close Eye on Restaurant Food Inventory

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Restaurant operators need to minimize food waste, spoilage, theft, and over-production. They need to understand how adjustments to menus and recipes flow down to ingredients. They need to track the […]

Inventory Tracking

Restaurant Inventory Management Solution Expands Into the U.S. Market

While technological advances have vastly improved front-of-house operations, back-of-house operations have largely remained stagnant. Many restaurants continue to be reliant on outdated phone, mailed or even faxed order forms and invoices, slowing down restaurant operations. […]


Remember: Not All POS Capabilities Relate to “Point of Sale”

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor There are a number of key platform capabilities that restaurant operators should keep in mind when researching next-generation restaurant management and POS solutions. Some of these include “must-have capabilities” necessitated […]