How Advanced Technologies Can Help Restaurants Combat Food Waste 

Every year, roughly 63 million tons of food waste is sent to landfill in America, and with costs of around $218 billion to grow, process, transport, and subsequently dispose of that organic produce, it’s an […]

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What Does “Contactless” Really Mean for the Restaurant Industry?

In the wake of COVID-19, keeping restaurant operations as contactless as possible is a must. Not only does it make employees safer, it demonstrates a commitment to health and wellness that gives guests the confidence […]

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Using Technology to Prepare Your Restaurant’s Waste Program for Reopening

As restaurants across the United States slowly reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, waste and recycling management is an important, often overlooked, part of the reopening strategy. Whether you’re offering takeout, drive-thru or limited capacity in […]


Digital Restaurant Menus Will Be Around Long After the Pandemic Ends

As restaurants and bars have adapted to the realities of the pandemic, many have transitioned to digital menus as an alternative to reusable menus to meet the call for enhanced customer and employee safety. It […]

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Implementing the Right Technologies to Make Your Restaurant Contactless

Long before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, new technologies were propelling us toward contactless business exchanges. If you’ve had a Zoom visit with your doctor, ordered Starbucks via their phone app, or paid for […]


3 Ways Restaurants Are Toasting to Technology

As COVID-19 became widespread in the United States, restaurant owners across the country scrambled to mitigate their worst nightmare — closing. Almost immediately, restaurants turned to curbside pickup, socially distanced wait lines and online ordering, […]

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How Technology and Digital Gift Cards Can Help Restaurants Combat the Economic Fallout from Coronavirus

While the coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly all industries, state-mandated restaurant closures have led to particularly dire effects throughout the food service industry. Many restaurants are being forced to shut down operations, resulting in financial […]