How Technology Can Benefit Restaurant Employees Instead of Replacing Them

We’ve all read the news about pizza-making robots and self-service ordering kiosks. Many forecasting trends in the food and beverage service industry seem to revolve around automation and how technology can, essentially, remove employees from […]

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4 Technology-Related Predictions for Quick-Service Restaurants in 2023

We are seeing labor shortages and commodity price increases as catalysts for restaurants to accelerate the adoption of an advanced array of new technology solutions spanning physical security and business intelligence. With that in mind, […]

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How Technology Will Fuel Ten Restaurant Food and Safety Trends in 2023

It’s been another disruptive year for the restaurant industry. While the pandemic is thankfully over, its ramifications – product shortages, supply chain interruptions, and stiff competition for workers – continue. In 2022, we’ve also experienced […]

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5 Technology-Related Predictions for the Restaurant Industry in 2023

The following are five predictions, ranging from the growth of the restaurant anywhere trend to the continued evolution of loyalty programs and self-service offerings, that restaurant owners and operators should keep in mind as move […]

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How Restaurants Can Use Technology To Improve Order Accuracy

I have a friend with a severe dairy allergy. We joke about how “high maintenance” she is when she orders her meals at restaurants, but it’s imperative that her food is cooked without butter, cheese, […]

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Five Restaurant Tech Trends that Will Gain Even Wider-Spread Adoption in 2023

The past few years have been a wild ride for the restaurant industry. We’ve weathered lockdowns, staffing shortages, and now rising inflation. Fortunately, technological innovation has allowed us to overcome these obstacles. Technology and the […]