Restaurant Technology News

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Restaurants to Undergo a Half a Billion Dollar Makeover Focused on Technology Improvement

The parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s quick service restaurants is reportedly making a massive brand investment focused, in large part, on technology-enabled business improvement. According to a company press statement, CKE Restaurants will make “a […]

Restaurant Technology News

Panera Brews Up an Artificial Intelligence System to Automate Coffee-Making

Restaurant technology innovation and process automation is happening on multiple fronts, now even in the realm of coffee-making. Case in point: National fast-casual restaurant Panera Bread, which operates 2,118 bakery-cafes in 48 states and in […]

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How Paris Baguette’s Resident IT Guru is Utilizing Restaurant Technology to Bring the Company Into the Future

Massimo Mallozzi is a believer. In pushing businesses forward. In improving customer experiences. In utilizing technology to make the world a better place. He’s spent his entire career harnessing digital innovation in the hospitality sector […]

Restaurant Technology News

Chipotle Test Drives a Robotic Solution for Making Tortilla Chips

An long-time innovator in restaurant technology, Chipotle has recently invested in a number of emerging solutions to support its growing digital business and reduce friction in its restaurants. The company’s latest digital innovation, dubbed Chippy, […]

Restaurant Technology News

How a Taquito Brand is Rolling Up New Restaurant Technologies to Help Expand Its Franchise Business

The restaurant industry relies heavily on a range of technologies to maximize success. That is especially true today with pandemic-related restrictions and persistent labor shortages driving the need for greater operational efficiencies as well contactless […]