Restaurant Technology News

How a Taquito Brand is Rolling Up New Restaurant Technologies to Help Expand Its Franchise Business

The restaurant industry relies heavily on a range of technologies to maximize success. That is especially true today with pandemic-related restrictions and persistent labor shortages driving the need for greater operational efficiencies as well contactless […]

Restaurant Technology News

El Pollo Loco to Test Pilot a First-of-Its-Kind Drone Food Delivery Service

El Pollo Loco this week will become the first restaurant company in the United States to test door-to-backyard drone delivery. The test-and-learn pilot of its drone delivery service is being heralded as the continuation of […]

Restaurant Technology News

Pizza Hut Opens a Window on Digital Ordering Pick-Up Across 1,500 Locations

From round pizza boxes to autonomous delivery robots, Pizza Hut has never shied away from technology adoption. Now the behemoth pizza chain, with more than 18,000 restaurants worldwide, is experimenting with a new way for […]

Restaurant Technology News

Singapore Restaurant is First to Add Lab-Grown Chicken to the Menu

San Francisco-based Eat Just is reportedly the world’s first company to have its lab-grown meat served in a restaurant. The announcement was made by Eat Beyond Global Holdings, an investment company focused on the global […]

Restaurant Technology News

Burger King, Tim Hortons and Popeyes Unveil Plans to Modernize the Drive-Thru Experience at 10,000-Plus Restaurants

Restaurant Brands International, with more than 27,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories, is modernizing the drive-thru experience at more than 10,000 Burger King and Tim Hortons locations, with Popeyes beginning its […]

Restaurant Technology News

Combating Coronavirus: How One Independent Restaurant Saw the Light

A type of ultraviolet light called far-UVC is making inroads into restaurants, starting with The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery, an independently owned and operated restaurant located in Kohler, Wisconsin. The landmark restaurant is reportedly […]

Restaurant Technology News

KFC Experiments with 3D Bioprinting and Other Food Science Technologies to Add More Plant-Based Options to Its Menu

Increasingly, fast food chains are recognizing the need to develop more environmentally friendly methods of food production. For its part, KFC, the American-based global fast food restaurant chain with the word “chicken” in its name […]

AI / Robots

White Castle to Pilot Autonomous Grilling and Frying Kitchen Robot

Hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, even the largest chains in the restaurant industry have been forced to reexamine their business operations. By adopting innovative and forward-looking technologies – like robotics automation and artificial intelligence […]