Empower Delivery Launches New Restaurant Technology Solution for Dedicated On-Demand Delivery Fleets

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This new product offering is set to redefine how restaurants manage their delivery operations, offering greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved delivery experience.

Empower Delivery, the software company that enables delivery-centric restaurants to profitably and sustainably serve off-premise demand, has launched its delivery management product, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of high-delivery volume restaurants. This new product offering is set to redefine how restaurants manage their delivery operations, offering greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved delivery experience.

Empower Delivery makes it easy to benefit from the best of on-demand delivery and the best of dedicated drivers. The advent of third-party delivery services has been both a boon and a frustration to many restaurants. The massive increase in off-premise orders has driven AUV increases, but using a third party for delivery has driven complexity increases.  Restaurants doing significant delivery volume may want to do their own delivery, but the hassle of recruiting, onboarding, training, managing and retaining drivers seems overwhelming.  Empower Delivery’s delivery management software enables restaurants to do their own delivery, without the cost and complexity of a third party, but without the challenges of employee drivers.

Empower Delivery is known for its end-to-end order-to-fulfillment software, which combines the consumer experience with kitchen production and logistics fulfillment. This holistic approach enables a digitally-native path to customer ordering, order timing, driver routing and restaurant marketing. With the launch of the driver management software, Empower Delivery can now offer high volume delivery restaurants on-demand driver management as an addition to their existing tech stack.

Meredith Sandland, CEO of Empower Delivery, says, “Restaurants who see our delivery management capabilities are blown away by our unique approach to making driver management effortless and efficient for all stakeholders. We’ve received many requests for this standalone offering, so we are making it available to all restaurants to add to their current tech stack. Our delivery management product allows establishments to optimize their delivery operations by reducing costly and unnecessary complexity.”

Empower Delivery is committed to making delivery both profitable for restaurants and magical for guests. By facilitating intelligent order-to-driver matching, routing delivery couriers, giving restaurants a view to courier locations, and providing customers with real-time order tracking, the delivery management system enables restaurants to simplify delivery and increase profitability. 

Brian Howenstein, Empower Delivery’s CPO, emphasized, “Our delivery management product automates the process of matching courier supply with order demand, streamlining operations and reducing costs. Restaurants can now leverage our product to enhance delivery quality while enjoying significant cost savings compared to outsourcing delivery to a third party.”

With Empower Delivery’s delivery management product, restaurants with high delivery volumes can harness the benefits of a dedicated on-demand fleet without the drawbacks commonly associated with gig fleets. This groundbreaking product allows delivery focused establishments to streamline their delivery operations, reduce costs, and elevate the overall customer experience.

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