Acrelec Launches an AI-Powered Restaurant Order Accuracy Solution

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Double-Check addresses the most critical items on the minds of restaurant leadership, including customer satisfaction.

Restaurant technology solution provider Acrelec has expanded its product line with the global launch of Double-Check, an AI-powered accuracy solution. Recognizing a void in the market for restaurant technology that reduces order errors, Acrelec developed a simple yet efficient solution that helps restaurant operators significantly improve order accuracy. This new addition to Acrelec’s rich suite of end-to-end software and hardware solutions is ideal for streamlining home delivery and drive-thru operations.

Double-Check addresses the most critical items on the minds of restaurant leadership, including customer satisfaction. Customers that receive an order with missing items are more likely to give an unfavorable review. Given that online ratings directly correlate with sales, orders must be accurate.

Initial data from pilot programs show that Acrelec Double-Check:

  • Reduces bagging mistakes by 40 percent
  • Increases positive ratings by 0.2 to 0.3 points (out of 5)
  • Translates to a 50 percent decrease in order refunds;
  • And it encourages better rankings in food order apps, which increases channel sales by 10 to 15 percent

“We know that restaurants worldwide are struggling to keep up with the high demand for off-premise orders and an ongoing labor shortage. It’s damaging to restaurants’ reputations and customer retention when errors on orders are made. Existing restaurants running Double-Check have witnessed immediate return on operational efficiencies, sales, and customer retention,” said Acrelec Executive Vice President of Food and Beverage Bruno Lo-Ré. “Double-Check was designed with these real-world restaurant constraints in mind. Order checking takes less than one second, and an intuitive interface ensures the weight check is not a hindrance for crew members.”

Here’s how restaurants can integrate Double-Check into their process in four steps:

  1. Crew members place an order on the AI-powered scale
  2. Collection order is selected on the screen (one screen for all delivery carriers)
  3. Double-Check’s exclusive patented AI algorithm runs in less than one second. It shows the actual weight of the order versus what is predicted
  4. If no errors are identified, the order is confirmed, and the bag can be sealed and handed to the customer

For delivery, the system is independent of the restaurant’s POS to facilitate seamless deployment and comes fully connected to Acrelec’s monitoring platform for efficient supervision and peace of mind for the restaurant. Order checks are fully traceable and provide data of each transaction to the management team for continuous improvement. In case of an error, products are grouped to identify the issue quickly. In turn, restaurant teams are better equipped to provide the operational data and analysis needed to help audit in case of disputes. Double-Check also integrates with food delivery apps for instant feedback on customer complaints, allowing for continuous service improvement, or challenging future refund requests for repeat offenders.

“Our passion at Acrelec is delivering breakthroughs for restaurants and retail companies to drive business results directly,” Lo-Ré added. “Introducing Double-Check is yet another step forward in providing a full ecosystem of technology solutions that help brands and the people who work for them maximize their potential and enhance the customer journey.”

Acrelec counts over 80,000 installations around the world in 70 countries and nearly 1,000 employees, including two manufacturing plants and a 150-person software division. They work with iconic brands such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’, Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell, providing an entire ecosystem of technology solutions for drive-thru, self-checkout, kiosk, and click and collect.

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