GoTab Introduces New Pricing Options Tailored for Hospitality Spaces of All Sizes

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The GoTab platform is designed to tackle the deep-rooted inefficiencies that have long plagued the hospitality industry.

GoTab, a frontrunner in pioneering restaurant technology solutions, has unveiled a fresh array of pricing strategies designed to cater to hospitality venues of every size, from quaint cafes to expansive eateries.

Presenting two exclusive pricing tiers: Basic, the most economical offering crafted for the unique demands of small-scale and independent establishments, and Pro, a comprehensive suite tailored for the complexities of larger or multi-location operations.

“In today’s challenging hospitality environment, managers are tirelessly working to enhance profitability against numerous obstacles. Recognizing the importance of elevating the guest experience without the burden of cost, GoTab’s latest pricing models are structured to empower operators with the flexibility to invest in only what is essential for their business, paving the way for enhanced profitability and success,” says Tim McLaughlin, GoTab Cofounder and CEO.

All-Inclusive Advanced Features for Sophisticated Hospitality Venues

The GoTab platform is designed to tackle the deep-rooted inefficiencies that have long plagued the hospitality industry. Unlike other systems that primarily focus on point-of-sale functionalities, GoTab innovatively approaches restaurant operations as if they were highly efficient, just-in-time production lines. This unique perspective is embodied in our Pro Package, which encompasses a suite of features covering the entire spectrum of food & beverage service operations:

  • Streamlined Tab Management: GoTab’s Easy Tab streamlines the traditional tab-opening process. Patrons can initiate their tab through a simple interaction with a server or bartender, subsequently receiving a text code that unlocks the power to re-order and settle their bill directly from their smartphone. This modern twist not only elevates the customer experience by simplifying transactions but also significantly reduces the operational burden on bartenders and servers, transforming service dynamics with efficiency and ease.
  • Unlimited Zone-Specific Service Adaptations: GoTab’s Zones serve as a venue’s financial heartbeat, where each pulse represents a different revenue stream. Operators have the freedom to configure an unlimited number of Zones to organize sales spaces or manage specific operational elements like operating hours, tipping options, or the availability of menu items, tailoring them precisely to their business needs.
  • API Access: GoTab’s public API Developer Portal dramatically simplifies how businesses connect with GoTab, empowering them to expand their operations both effectively and economically. The full spectrum of GoTab integrations are available with minimal to no additional cost, unlocking a world of possibilities without the additional financial burden.

By integrating these, and many more, sophisticated capabilities, GoTab sets itself apart as a powerful, yet competitively priced solution, laying the groundwork for unparalleled operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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