Slapfish Launches New Restaurant Loyalty Program Powered by Thanx

Submitted Success Story

With Thanx, Slapfish can now offer guests an even more rewarding dining experience with fewer discounts and more personalized rewards.

Thanx, a leading guest engagement and loyalty platform, has announced the launch of Slapfish, a coastal seafood kitchen known for its fresh and sustainable seafood offerings.

Slapfish has earned a reputation for its commitment to serving delicious seafood dishes while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. With Thanx, Slapfish can now offer guests an even more rewarding dining experience with fewer discounts and more personalized rewards. That’s because Thanx loyalty programs don’t rely on heavily-discount focused earn-and-burn programs and instead focus on access, exclusivity, and personalization. Slapfish customers can also look forward to a fun and engaging loyalty program experience with a regularly updated Rewards Marketplace and exclusive benefits. For example, as part of the promotion for the new-and-improved program, Slapfish granted early access to their “Crazy for Coconuts” limited time menu to loyalty members directly in the mobile app.

As the first former LevelUp customer to launch with Thanx since the recent announcement of LevelUp’s upcoming end-of-life, Thanx’s partnership with Slapfish allowed for a seamless transition of their existing program while offering the opportunity to enhance their program with exclusive LTOs, a points-based Rewards Marketplace with more choices, and more relevant, personalized marketing to their guests. 

“We understand that the sudden phasing of a platform like LevelUp can be disruptive for businesses and their loyal customers,” says Zach Goldstein, CEO of Thanx. “At Thanx, we pride ourselves on our agility and commitment to restaurant success. We’re thrilled to welcome Slapfish and ensure they can continue offering exceptional experiences to their patrons while deepening their connections with guests, rewarding their loyalty and ensuring that every dining experience is memorable.”

For restaurants, a quick and seamless loyalty transition from LevelUp is crucial to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted guest experience. Loyalty programs play a pivotal role in enhancing customer retention and satisfaction, and any disruption during the transition can lead to frustration and potential loss of valued patrons. By prioritizing a swift and guest-friendly switch, businesses demonstrate their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and valuing their customers’ loyalty, ensuring that customers can continue to earn rewards, while also upleveling their experience.

With Thanx, Slapfish loyalty members will have access to more choices and more benefits, a more dynamic program that changes more frequently and even more personalized offers to engage them. Furthermore, a seamless transition minimizes any potential hiccups, enabling customers to continue engaging with the loyalty program seamlessly, thereby preserving brand loyalty and trust during the changeover.

“We chose Thanx as our platform of choice due to its modern approach to delivering a seamless guest experience while authentically representing our brand. Thanx empowers us to stay at the forefront of our industry by enabling real-time updates and responsiveness to evolving customer trends. We are also delighted to report a 17% increase in member sign-ups despite having only launched just a few weeks ago,” says Slapfish President, Dan Anfinson.

Thanx’s platform empowers businesses to build and strengthen customer loyalty through higher revenue capture rates than traditional loyalty programs, which commonly track only 5-15% of total revenue. Thanx tracks every credit and debit purchase without requiring guests to scan a code or give out their phone number, enabling guests to pay as they please while earning progress.

The quick onboarding process allows former LevelUp customers to seamlessly transition their loyalty program, mobile app, stored value and web ordering experience to Thanx, minimizing effort and ensuring a smooth transition. Former LevelUp customers interested in exploring Thanx’s offerings and transitioning their loyalty and engagement programs can reach out to Thanx directly for personalized support and guidance.

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