McDonald’s Franchise Owner Boosts Sales Revenue by 17% Following Cirrus LED Digital Signage Upgrade

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The franchise owner researched various outdoor sign options, ultimately selecting a solution from Cirrus LED.

The fast food industry is increasingly turning to advanced digital signage solutions to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. This trend is exemplified by the experience of Taylor Goble, a McDonald’s franchise owner in Maine, who upgraded his outdoor advertising strategy to incorporate high-resolution LED signage.

Goble began his career at McDonald’s as a crew member, eventually owning ten franchises. Recognizing the limitations of his outdated signage, Goble sought a more effective solution to attract and communicate with customers.

Goble’s existing signage system was plagued with several issues:

  • It was old and out of warranty.
  • Repairs were costly and time-consuming.
  • The signage offered limited flexibility, only displaying text which failed to capture the attention of potential customers.

In response to these challenges, Goble researched various outdoor sign options, ultimately selecting a solution from Cirrus LED. He chose a 6mm Outdoor Digital sign, which was retrofitted onto his existing setup.

Several factors influenced Goble’s decision to go with Cirrus LED:

  • Pixel Resolution: The 6mm display provided the high resolution necessary for displaying detailed and appealing food images.
  • Value: Cirrus offered competitive pricing and a unique subscription model that bundled costs into a manageable monthly payment.
  • Ease of Repair and Upgrade: The patented modular display design by Cirrus allowed for easy future upgrades or repairs.
  • Content Management: Cirrus provided a cloud-based content management system, ScreenHub, which enabled easy remote management of display content.

Upon installing the Cirrus LED sign, Goble noticed immediate benefits:

  • There was a noticeable increase in customer engagement due to the dynamic and visually appealing display.
  • Sales increased by 17.4% shortly after the installation.
  • The flexibility of the content management system allowed for real-time updates tailored to current promotions, local events, and weather conditions.

The digital signage has not only boosted sales but also helped Goble strengthen community ties. Regular updates celebrate local events and achievements, such as congratulating the local high school’s graduating class.

Taylor Goble’s experience highlights the impact that modern digital signage can have on the fast food industry. By choosing a high-resolution, flexible, and easily managed LED sign from Cirrus, Goble has not only enhanced his marketing capabilities but also fostered a stronger connection with his community.

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