GoTab Launches Curbside Pickup and Delivery Capability with Free Activation and 24-Hour Setup

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GoTab offers a host of features for operators looking for a streamlined online ordering and payment process for takeout and curbside pickup.

As many hospitality operators shift their business model to comply with local restrictions related to the current global pandemic, restaurant commerce platform GoTab is offering free activations and guaranteeing a 24-hour setup for digital-only deployments to equip restaurants, breweries, wineries, and hotels with seamless curbside pickup/takeout and delivery capabilities. Since GoTab requires minimal to no additional hardware (depending on deployment model), software or support costs, it makes the platform one of the best priced solutions for anyone looking to debut or ramp up their takeout and delivery operations. GoTab’s unique features and key integrations also allow operators to run profitable operations and easily pivot between dine-in service, takeout and delivery, both or vice versa.

Delivery, Takeout & Curbside Pickup

GoTab offers a host of features for operators looking for a streamlined online ordering and payment process for takeout and curbside pickup. Whether operators are offering their regular dine-in menu to-go, looking to add the sale of gift cards, catering services to their operations or transforming their venue into a pop-up grocery store and market, the cloud-based platform can help them fulfill orders easily.

Some of GoTab’s unique takeout features include branded online and private menus that can be embedded into the website or shared via an email promotion or social media posts, easy-to-implement discounts and special offers to promote bundling of food, wine & spirits orders, scheduling capabilities for guests to select their preferred pickup date and time and receive customized pickup instructions, integration with GoTab KDS so the kitchen can expedite orders through a single interface, and printed packing slips to organize the fulfillment of orders.

GoTab provides customers with the ability to text directly with the kitchen, via two-way text communications. Back-of-House (BOH) staff can alert guests about sold out dishes or missing ingredients, and guests can share possible allergies, concerns or new selections with them. Group ordering is also easily accommodated via the platform’s tab features, with batching that detects orders coming through from different devices and groups them under one tab, improving efficiency and reducing costs. As the holiday season kicks off, the restaurant commerce platform provides a shopping system for restaurants to sell gift cards, gift baskets and grocery items without having to invest in another site or platform for additional revenue streams.

Integrated Third-Party Delivery (Postmates, DoorDash, etc.)

With GoTab’s virtual deployment, operators are able to quickly set up takeout and delivery. Native GoTab features provide an efficient new model for operators to effectively serve their customers. They include: geofencing of delivery areas through Google Maps API, support for unlimited delivery addresses on customer profiles, delivery address verification through Google Maps API, route optimization for drivers by time or distance, and printed packing slip generator.

GoTab also delivers a messaging interface for drivers to contact customers on their delivery route, and order throttling to avoid order backlogs in the kitchen. The latest integration with Postmates and soon DoorDash provides flexibility to operators who want to satisfy customer demand for food delivery without taking on the financial costs of third-party ordering. GoTab seamlessly integrates delivery couriers to first-party ordering, opening new revenue channels for operators while satisfying customers willing to pay for the convenience of delivery.

Pricing Advantage

The GoTab system requires minimal setup and a nominal processing fees for operators, providing high-touch hospitality without the high-end price tag. A full cloud-based system, it requires no additional hardware, software or support costs and works seamlessly for takeout and delivery service, providing the same ease and convenience as in-venue dining. GoTab currently offers the best pricing in the industry, with processing fees starting at 2.5% + .25 per transaction.

There is no better time for operators to prepare for transformed business operations over the next few months and adopt GoTab as their restaurant commerce platform so they can seamlessly navigate current and future restrictions as well as easily transition between full-service dine-in, takeout and delivery or other innovative service models.

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