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opsi Launches Inventory Tool to Help Restaurant Teams Increase Efficiency and Consolidate Operational Processes

Opsi, a workflow app for chefs, introduces a new Inventory Tool designed to offer chefs a user-friendly and streamlined method for personalizing, counting, generating reports, and collaborating on inventory. This tool is just one example […]

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LINK Launches Onboarding-as-a-Service and Adds New Restaurant Technology Integrations

LINK, the integration provider formerly known as ShoppinPal, has announced it has launched a new Onboarding-as-a-Service vertical. This service enables software application companies to streamline and automate their onboarding processes, improving customer experience for new […]

Partner Content Unveils AI-Powered Ordering Website Builder to Help Restaurants Establish a Strong Online Presence

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the digital landscape for the food service industry, has unveiled its innovative AI-powered [ordering] website builder, a tool dedicated to helping restaurants swiftly navigate the online space. […]

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opsi Introduces Food Costing Tool to Empower Restaurant Teams

opsi, a new workflow app for chefs, introduces a new Food Costing Tool to provide real-time recipe costs for accurate daily food production expenditure. This tool is another way opsi is working to empower kitchen […]

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Union Unveils Restaurant POS for iPhone Solution for Placing Orders and Processing Payments Tableside Without Card Readers

Union, a data-driven hospitality engagement platform, has released a point-of-sale solution that allows servers and bartenders to use iPhones to place guests orders and process payments tableside, completely eliminating the need to exchange physical credit […]

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Oracle Unveils New Technology Platform for Independent Restaurants

Oracle has introduced a new affordable, easy-to-deploy restaurant management platform offer to help independent restaurants increase sales, boost efficiency, and maximize profitability. Oracle Restaurants provides operators proven Point of Sale (POS) hardware and software, payment processing, and […]

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Table Needs Unveils All-in-One Food Truck POS Solution with Built-in Kitchen Display System to Boost Sales and Profitability

Leading restaurant technology and business services provider Table Needs has unveiled a game-changing solution for food trucks operating at festivals and community events. For the first time, food truck owners can manage their entire business […]