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How Paris Baguette’s Resident IT Guru is Utilizing Restaurant Technology to Bring the Company Into the Future

Massimo Mallozzi is a believer. In pushing businesses forward. In improving customer experiences. In utilizing technology to make the world a better place. He’s spent his entire career harnessing digital innovation in the hospitality sector […]

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Chipotle Test Drives a Robotic Solution for Making Tortilla Chips

An long-time innovator in restaurant technology, Chipotle has recently invested in a number of emerging solutions to support its growing digital business and reduce friction in its restaurants. The company’s latest digital innovation, dubbed Chippy, […]

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How a Taquito Brand is Rolling Up New Restaurant Technologies to Help Expand Its Franchise Business

The restaurant industry relies heavily on a range of technologies to maximize success. That is especially true today with pandemic-related restrictions and persistent labor shortages driving the need for greater operational efficiencies as well contactless […]

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El Pollo Loco to Test Pilot a First-of-Its-Kind Drone Food Delivery Service

El Pollo Loco this week will become the first restaurant company in the United States to test door-to-backyard drone delivery. The test-and-learn pilot of its drone delivery service is being heralded as the continuation of […]

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Pizza Hut Opens a Window on Digital Ordering Pick-Up Across 1,500 Locations

From round pizza boxes to autonomous delivery robots, Pizza Hut has never shied away from technology adoption. Now the behemoth pizza chain, with more than 18,000 restaurants worldwide, is experimenting with a new way for […]

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Singapore Restaurant is First to Add Lab-Grown Chicken to the Menu

San Francisco-based Eat Just is reportedly the world’s first company to have its lab-grown meat served in a restaurant. The announcement was made by Eat Beyond Global Holdings, an investment company focused on the global […]