PAR Technology Joins Forces with DTT to Help Restaurant Operators Reduce Fraud

Increasingly, restaurant operators are investing in loss prevention technology in their incessant efforts to reduce fraud, lower costs, enhance safety and increase profits.

Today DTT, a provider of video surveillance and loss prevention technology for the hospitality industry, announced the release of a full integration with PAR Technology’s cloud-based Brink POS® Software solution.

The technology integration enables mutual clients of DTT and PAR Brink to seamlessly integrate their point of sale system’s transactional data with cloud-based loss prevention technology. The partnership means that restaurant owners and operators who use a Brink POS system will be able to take advantage of DTT’s full suite of services.

The DTT solution will enhance the Brink system, which is designed to manage a wide range of restaurant operations, including menu management, financial and inventory reporting, transaction auditing, by allowing restaurant operators to generate reports that are fully customizable and searchable. They can set low, normal and high level filters to easily identify suspected cases of fraud. Integrated video surveillance makes it possible corroborate suspicious transactions.