HungerRush Acquires OrdrAI and its AI-Driven Text Message Ordering Solution for Restaurants

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This acquisition will extend the capabilities of the HungerRush Restaurant Management System through the addition of a text-to-order solution.

HungerRush, a CapStreet portfolio company, announced today that it has acquired OrdrAI™, a leading text and voice ordering provider for the restaurant industry. This acquisition will extend the capabilities of the HungerRush Restaurant Management System through the addition of a text-to-order solution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven texting helps restaurants increase order throughput in their business by adding to their digital ordering channels.  Digital ordering provides a fast, easy, and accurate way to receive orders accelerating new customer acquisition, boosting repeat business from existing customers, while also providing a convenient and safe solution for restaurant customers to order their food for pick-up or delivery.

“We are excited to welcome the OrdrAI team and augment our restaurant management platform with integrated voice and text message ordering,” said Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush. “We are committed to providing innovative multi-channel digital ordering technologies to restaurant owners so they can own their business data and customer relationships, ensuring the best experience for their guests.”

“Since the inception of OrdrAI, we have prioritized understanding our customers’ challenges and finding ways to leverage AI technology to deliver superior mobile and web-based ordering solutions,” said Ali Husain, co-founder of OrdrAI.

“We believe OrdrAI and HungerRush create a winning combination to accelerate the development of consumer-focused solutions that will usher the digital transformation of the restaurant industry,” added Varkey Albin, co-founder of OrderAI.

The heart of OrdrAI’s innovative technology resides in its conversational AI which accurately interprets orders placed using the SMS function of a mobile device. The combination of natural language processing (NLP) with real time quality control delivers a fast, convenient, and reliable consumer experience. With OrdrAI, HungerRush takes a critical step toward providing an AI-driven, multi-channel digital ordering platform designed to help restaurants achieve profitable digital transformation.

The OrdrAI text-to-order solution provides:

  • AI-driven interpretation of text orders that improves the speed and ease of accepting digital orders for pickup or delivery.
  • Continuous learning and improved order accuracy.
  • A secondary confirmation process to clarify order accuracy, when needed.
  • Text marketing for personalized promotional and loyalty efforts.
  • Web ordering capabilities, such as web-based text messages.
  • Comprehensive and seamless systems integration with POS, menu, pricing, coupons, delivery zones, order, payment and rewards.
  • A streamlined checkout experience allowing use of a credit card on file, guest checkout, or cash payment options.

HungerRush offers a fully integrated restaurant management system that lets the restaurant own the relationship with their customer by mastering operational efficiency, creating awesome guest experiences with ease, and squeezing customer data for every drop of insight. The easy-to-use, highly configurable system includes digital ordering, loyalty and rewards, delivery management and support, takeout and curbside communications, no-contact capabilities, reporting and management, and now with the acquisition of OrdrAI, voice and text message ordering.

Text-to-order will be available with the HungerRush Restaurant Management System or as an optional add-on for existing customers.

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