Somfy North America Releases New Integration Solution For Automated Natural and Artificial Light in Restaurants

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The new module provides motorized shading commands capable of providing group or single addressing for flexible customization based on user requirements.

Somfy, the world’s largest manufacturer of motors for interior window coverings and exterior solar protections, has launched the next generation Somfy Digital Network (SDN) 0-10V Interface to deliver an integrated automation solution for managing natural and artificial light in restaurants and any other space.

The SDN 0-10V Interface Module brings all the capabilities of the first-generation product with new capabilities to integrate with animeo® IP for solar tracking and Building Management systems interface for optimized energy usage. This module complies with the industry-standard 0-10V controllers, commonly used in lighting control systems. It provides motorized shading commands capable of providing group or single addressing for flexible customization based on user requirements.

The simplistic design of Somfy North America’s 0-10V Plenum Module does not require a computer or network access for setup or to make adjustments to the device, delivering the flexibility to adjust the system as needed. It is powered by AC line120V input allowing a direct connection to the lighting controller wired in a junction box. The plenum-rated form factor enables easy installation in junction-box for electricians.

“The combined features of this new product deliver a streamlined user experience, as well as a simpler installation process from start to finish. The product’s compatibility with Animeo® IP and Somfy Connect™ UAI+ allows for seamless integration with lighting or BMS systems,” said Amit Parpani, Senior Product Manager, Somfy North America. “In addition, the switchable SDN power output delivers the flexibility to switch the power output as needed for evolving projects and start an SDN Bus without the need for a Bus Power Supply. The customization options this new product provides deliver an all-new lighting solution for any space,” Parpani added.

The new module integrates with leading lighting control systems to function as a seamless addition to any space. Leveraging the lighting control system’s inbuilt functionality, it delivers the ability to set scenes and schedules to operate devices locally, remotely and at a preset time of day with the added convenience of aligning with the astronomical timeclock. The ability to bring animeo IP to the project with 0-10V integration brings a new level of automation when it comes to solar tracking and glare control.

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