Isolved Launches Solution to Help Quick-Service Restaurants Improve Staff Recruiting, Retention and Onboarding

Submitted Announcement

To alleviate HCM challenges and accelerate a good employee experience, isolved has announced isolved People Cloud for Quick Service Restaurants.
High employee turnover, increased talent costs, changing compliance requirements, staffing shortages and more are plaguing the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry in critical mass. According to a recent survey of HR leaders, travel and hospitality organizations as a whole are struggling with both digital HR options and employee experience – basics to recruit and retain reliable talent in a very competitive workforce. In fact, 64 percent indicate HR is not a digitally mature function at their company and 43 percent rate their employee experience as average or poor.

To alleviate these challenges and accelerate a good employee experience, isolved has announced isolved People Cloud for Quick Service Restaurants.

Thousands of food-service owners and operators have long relied on isolved to meet their talent and workforce management needs with an independent study of isolved’s total economic impact proving a payback period in as little as 6 months and a 277 percent return on investment over three years through improved employee retention, HR productivity savings, accelerated onboarding, recruiting advantages and more.

Overall, isolved serves 145,000 employers and nearly 5.5 million employees directly and through its isolved Network for administrative services organizations (ASOs) and professional employer organizations (PEOs). isolved’s tenured expertise and tailored software and services meet owners and operators where they are to provide the next best step to hiring, HR and human capital management (HCM) needs.

“QSRs have been hit particularly hard over the last few years, first with forced closures, furloughs and redundancies from COVID-19 mandates, and now with inflation and ongoing staffing shortages that negatively impact the customer experience and bottom line,” said James Norwood, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of isolved. “Some of the country’s top QSR franchises – Burger King™, McDonald’s™, Taco Bell™, Panera Bread™, Jack in the Box™, Papa Johns™ and others – work with isolved to rapidly improve their workforce operations which, in turn, improve their customer experience.”

isolved’s software and services solve for the QSR industry’s top challenges including recruiting, retention, onboarding, tax credits, compliance, earned-wage access/pay cards and seamless integrations with brand systems – as told by owners and operators isolved meets with on a regular basis.

“It’s been challenge after challenge for QSRs since 2020,” said James Negre, McDonald’s Indiana Franchise Owner/Operator. “Having a product suite and partner like isolved has ensured my franchise locations can operate efficiently with the right staffing, at the right location, at the right time. isolved understands a QSR’s unique needs and has the software and solutions to address them. They are unique in comparison to most of my vendors.”

One unique difference is that isolved QSR customers experience quick time-to-value by retiring multiple systems in favor of an HCM suite that costs less and integrates with brand-issued systems. Since 64 percent of the hospitality industry’s HR leaders say “competitors with larger budgets” is the top threat they are facing when it comes to employee retention, QSRs are looking to cut costs where they can. Yet, 64 percent do not use an HCM suite to manage their employee experience and workforce for cost savings. Of those who do, scaling and usability top the list of HCM technology requirements.

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