ShiftPixy to Roll Out Mobile Food Ordering Apps Designed to Enhance Restaurant Customer Engagement

Submitted Announcement

The ordering apps are designed to elevate customer engagement with online-only restaurants that deliver to the customer doorstep.

ShiftPixy, a national staffing enterprise which designs, manages, and sells access to a disruptive, revolutionary platform that facilitates employment in the rapidly growing Gig Economy, has announced the development of ordering apps designed to elevate customer engagement with Digital Food Brands (DFBs) – online-only restaurants that deliver to the customer doorstep.

The ShiftPixy Labs apps will be uniquely branded for each DFB, and through the use of cutting-edge technology will allow customers with just a few clicks to easily browse menus, customize orders, add special instructions, track their delivery status in real time, pay for their meals and earn loyalty points all from their mobile devices. The new apps will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

“What sets our apps apart from the competition is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize the customer experience,” said ShiftPixy Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Absher. “By analyzing past ordering history and preferences, and through a short chat with our brand characters within the app, the AI bot will present a few suggested menu items tailored specifically to each individual customer along with available deals with each order.”

Each DFB’s individual app will have its own unique brand identity and harness a powerful loyalty program, such that each time a customer places an order, a portal to a “mini game” will be activated for 40 minutes, allowing the customer to play and earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, such as discounts on future orders, free menu items, early access to new menu items and promotions, and merchandise.

Importantly, all ShiftPixy Labs Digital Food Brands will embrace first-party (restaurant-branded) delivery to make certain the entire cycle of customer engagement is protected and consistent, and customers will be able to reach ShiftPixy’s support team via the chatbot at any time after an order has been placed.

Mr. Absher added, “Our mobile technology focus has been on a complete end-to-end customer experience. Starting with customer acquisition, to food ordering, to delivery, to a gamified treat post order, leading to customer loyalty and re-marketing. We believe that our new food ordering apps will engage customers through a personal digital experience that will keep them brand connected.”

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