Jack in the Box Franchisee Sizzles up Success with Automated Oil Management from Restaurant Technologies

Submitted Success Story

With program fees at an all-time low, cooking oil rebates at their highest, and strong collaboration with Restaurant Technologies, Flores’ restaurants have achieved better efficiencies, employee safety, and labor models, resulting in higher profitability. 

In the fast-paced world of quick-service restaurants, it’s not just about serving up delicious meals, but embracing innovation to gain an edge in a highly competitive market. For more than 60 years, driving operational excellence, growing profits, building brand loyalty, and expanding reach have been the cornerstones of success for Michael Flores, a seasoned Jack in the Box franchise owner, and his Central Coast Restaurants, Inc.

Flores has been associated with the renowned fast-food chain since 1971 as a restaurant manager, district manager, and regional franchise director. Now an owner of 23 locations in Northern California, Flores has a rich history with the chain and a keen eye for finding ways to elevate restaurant operations.

Eliminating Kitchen Chaos with Automated Oil Management

One of the keys to QSR kitchens is well-managed cooking oil that delivers delicious dishes. But oil has historically been a challenge to store, handle, and dispose. To address these pain points, restaurants have increasingly embraced automated systems to simplify the entire oil management process. From delivery, storage, filtration, monitoring and disposal, these systems maximize oil life, enhance food quality, and create a safer, less risky atmosphere for employees. 

Flores began by purchasing 17 of his 23 restaurants in 2008. “At the time, 15 of the locations were using Total Oil Management from Restaurant Technologies. I was extremely satisfied with the system, so I added more sites and have installed the system in all of my feasible locations,” he explained. 

This transition has proven beneficial, as Flores and his local teams build a more productive work environment free of kitchen chaos.

Streamlined, Savvy, and Safe: The Secret Sauce

Before adopting Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management automated solution, Flores’ restaurants used traditional oil jugs purchased from a distribution center, which presented logistics, storage, and usage challenges. However, with the switch to Total Oil Management, Flores saw an immediate improvement. He shared, “The oil jugs from our distribution center were such a hassle. But with Restaurant Technologies, we were able to embrace a new era of streamlined operations – saving time, maximizing oil life, and minimizing injury risk.”

This transition also led to significant quality improvements and cost savings.

Elevating Food Quality and Safety to Perfection

One immediate impact of the automated process came in the quality of the fryer oil. Flores affirmed, “I witnessed much cleaner fryer oil and better adherence to filtering procedures, which led to higher quality, better tasting food.” 

The automated process also contributed to a safer working environment since employees were no longer moving around heavy jugs of oil or disposing of hot oil. “One of the biggest reasons for embracing this system is the fact that our employee risk for injury due to oil management is now minimal.”

“The safety of my team is paramount,” Flores emphasized. “With an automated system, the possibility of slip and falls, burns, and heavy lifting are greatly reduced. Now, my crew can have peace of mind, free from the shackles of risky manual oil handling.”

Serving up a Perfect Pairing

Having been familiar with Restaurant Technologies since his time with Jack in the Box corporate, Flores was an advocate for the company when he became a franchisee. He believed that Restaurant Technologies’ vale proposition aligned with Jack in the Box’s strategic imperatives, such as operational excellence, growth in profits, and brand loyalty. By adopting automation more broadly, he successfully executed and expanded these priorities at the local level.

A Flavorful Blend of Cost Savings and Efficiency

With program fees at an all-time low, cooking oil rebates at their highest, and strong collaboration with Restaurant Technologies, Flores’ restaurants have achieved better efficiencies, employee safety, and labor models, resulting in higher profitability. 

“We were able to reduce our overall oil expenses, giving our profits a boost. On average, we save approximately $1,600 per year per restaurant just in oil alone,” Flores said. “We also reduce labor costs by eliminating manual oil handling and can redeploy employees to more valuable tasks and rewarding such as customer engagement and service.” 

A Focus on Strategic Alignment

Flores’ franchise journey is an ode to innovation and partnership. With automated oil management, he was able to improve food quality, enhance efficiency, and ensure the safety of his teams. Flores has masterfully aligned with Jack in the Box’s strategic priorities, creating a crescendo of success that resonates across his culinary empire. 

“As I work to elevate the Jack in the Box brand within my territories, Restaurant Technologies stands as a trusted partner, helping my franchisee community excel in our operations and drive greater profitability,” said Flores.

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