Cirrus Systems Recognized for Its Digital Billboard Advertising and LED Digital Signage Solutions for Restaurants

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Cirrus's high-resolution displays, such as the digital window poster shown here, set the bar high for on-site digital signage, ensuring that messages are not only visible but also memorable.
By Gavriel Shohet, RTN staff writer - 5.5.2024

Cirrus Systems, a leading manufacturer of LED Displays, LED Billboards, Electronic Message Centers, Digital Signage, and Outdoor Digital Signage, has been recognized by for its role in the digital marketing sector, particularly for its innovative LED display solutions. The company, which specializes in both indoor and outdoor digital signage for restaurants across all categories, and for multiple other types of businesses, as well, was awarded the top position in its ranking of the “5 Best Digital Billboard Advertising Companies”.

Cirrus’s high-resolution displays set the bar high for on-site digital signage, ensuring that messages are not only visible but also memorable. The technological prowess of Cirrus is demonstrated in their emphasis on display quality and user experience. The company offers displays with higher pixel densities than traditional signage, resulting in more vivid and engaging visuals.

This technological advantage extends to the ScreenHub content management system, a user-friendly and robust platform that streamlines content scheduling and management. The versatility and user-friendliness of ScreenHub enable restaurants to design dynamic and captivating digital campaigns with minimal effort.

Digital displays coupled with award-winning software ScreenHub enable restaurants to communicate their message effectively.

Cirrus’s leadership in the field is not only due to its advanced technology but also its commitment to service excellence. Their customer satisfaction strategy involves a high-level sales experience, supported by a team dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance and durability of their products.

Last year, Cirrus introduced innovative enhancements to its top-tier LED display factory in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This pioneering facility features 340 feet of continuous and automated electronics manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and CNC robotics, enabling Cirrus Systems to produce superior digital signage displays that lead the market in sophistication and affordability.

“Our investment in automation and engineering has allowed us to establish a truly unique manufacturing facility,” said Dan Kerluke, CGO of Cirrus Systems, in a press statement. “Our upgraded Portsmouth factory will enable us to deliver the highest-quality LED displays to our customers at unbeatable prices, reinforcing our position as a leader in digital signage technology.”

The factory’s manufacturing approach combines advanced automation technology with skilled engineering expertise with the goal of creating the industry’s most advanced LED displays. By focusing on efficiency and precision, the facility reduces production costs while maintaining exceptional quality standards. This enables Cirrus to offer its innovative digital signage products to a wider range of clients, from small restaurants to large-scale food chains.

As the demand for high-quality LED displays continues to rise, the company is ideally positioned to meet the market’s needs with its unmatched manufacturing capabilities and exceptional product offerings. Their top-tier digital displays, coupled with their award-winning software ScreenHub, enable customers to communicate their message more effectively, narrate their stories, and reach new audiences.

A case in point of a satisfied Cirrus customer is Taylor Goble, a McDonald’s franchise owner in Maine, who upgraded his outdoor advertising strategy to incorporate high-resolution LED signage. Goble, who started his career at McDonald’s as a crew member and now owns ten franchises, recognized the limitations of his outdated signage and sought a more effective solution to attract and communicate with customers.

Upon installing the Cirrus LED sign, Goble noticed immediate benefit.

Goble’s existing signage system had several issues: it was old and out of warranty, repairs were expensive and time-consuming, and the signage offered limited flexibility, only displaying text which failed to capture the attention of potential customers. In response to these challenges, Goble researched various outdoor sign options, ultimately selecting a solution from Cirrus LED. He chose a 6mm Outdoor Digital sign, which was retrofitted onto his existing setup.

Several factors influenced Goble’s decision to go with Cirrus LED: the 6mm display provided the high resolution necessary for displaying detailed and appealing food images, Cirrus offered competitive pricing and a unique subscription model that bundled costs into a manageable monthly payment, the patented modular display design by Cirrus allowed for easy future upgrades or repairs, and Cirrus provided a cloud-based content management system, ScreenHub, which enabled easy remote management of display content.

The versatility and user-friendliness of ScreenHub enable restaurants to design dynamic and captivating digital campaigns with minimal effort.

Upon installing the Cirrus LED sign, Goble noticed immediate benefits: there was a noticeable increase in customer engagement due to the dynamic and visually appealing display, sales increased by 17.4% shortly after the installation, and the flexibility of the content management system allowed for real-time updates tailored to current promotions, local events, and weather conditions. The digital signage has not only boosted sales but also helped Goble strengthen community ties.

Regular updates celebrate local events and achievements, such as congratulating the local high school’s graduating class. Taylor Goble’s experience underscores the impact that modern digital signage can have on the fast food industry. By choosing a high-resolution, flexible, and easily managed LED sign from Cirrus, Goble has not only enhanced his marketing capabilities but also fostered a stronger connection with his community.

Cirrus is not the only digital signage solution provider serving the restaurant industry, and recognized other solution providers that are leading the charge on developing and deploying next-generation digital signage solutions. Among these is Lamar Advertising Company, which distinguishes itself as a leader in digital menu board advertising by offering the largest network of digital displays in the United States. With over 4,800 digital billboards, Lamar provides unparalleled reach and visibility for advertising campaigns. Their digital billboards are strategically positioned to capture the attention of a wide and diverse audience, making them a prime choice for restaurants looking to expand their advertising impact. Another leading solution provider is YESCO, an acronym for Young Electric Sign Company, which has also been a pioneer in the field of digital menu board advertising since 1920, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

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