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How AI Technology Helps Restaurants Improve the Customer Experience

As The New York Times recently reported, the pressures on staffing is one of the reasons restaurants have been moving away from answering customer telephone calls. Some restaurant owners reported being just too busy preparing […]


How More Restaurants are Bringing Sustainability to the Table With IoT Technologies

Sustainability will be a defining quality of thriving restaurants in 2022. As restaurants strive to differentiate themselves with exciting food offerings, compelling atmospheres, and competitive prices, many diners are looking for something different.  One industry […]

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Forget the Labor Shortage. Your Restaurant is Definitely Overstaffed.

If you’re a restaurant operator, one thing has likely taken root at the front of your mind: the industry’s labor shortage. For months, news and statistics about this labor shortage have dominated headlines. You’ve read […]

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How AI Recruitment Technology Changes the Ways Restaurants Hire and Retain Staff

Talent recruitment and retention is problematic for today’s restaurants. And there are several reasons why this is the case. First, the pandemic has escalated the so-called war for talent among restaurants. Prior to the pandemic, there […]