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opsi Launches Inventory Tool to Help Restaurant Teams Increase Efficiency and Consolidate Operational Processes

Opsi, a workflow app for chefs, introduces a new Inventory Tool designed to offer chefs a user-friendly and streamlined method for personalizing, counting, generating reports, and collaborating on inventory. This tool is just one example […]

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opsi Introduces Food Costing Tool to Empower Restaurant Teams

opsi, a new workflow app for chefs, introduces a new Food Costing Tool to provide real-time recipe costs for accurate daily food production expenditure. This tool is another way opsi is working to empower kitchen […]


Plate IQ and opsi Join Forces to Improve How Restaurants Manage Their Accounts Payable and Day-to-Day Operations

Two restaurant-centric tech enterprises have announced an exciting collaboration. Opsi joins Plate IQ’s preferred partner network to help continue revolutionizing the way restaurants manage accounts payable and their day-to-day operations.  This partnership allows opsi and […]