Fourth’s Workforce Management Technology Addresses Restaurant Labor Shortages

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Fourth, a leading provider of intelligent workforce and inventory management technology for the hospitality and retail industries, has announced that its integrated applications boost staff satisfaction and improve retention by 36%.

HotSchedules, PeopleMatter and Fuego – all part of the Fourth Intelligence Platform – enable restaurant operators to combat labor shortages with solutions that attract and retain employees.

With Fourth’s end-to-end Intelligence Platform, restaurant operators can remove friction from the hiring process, implement optimal staffing, and empower employees with flexible pay.

“The average restaurant is losing between 10-15% of the revenue it could be earning if it had access to the staff needed to operate fully,” said Clinton Anderson, CEO of Fourth. “With labor shortages mounting, operators must accelerate their hiring process. Plus, using earned wage access to ease employees’ financial strain is a huge benefit to both employee and employer. Our integrated solutions enable operators to differentiate and compete for talent in today’s challenging labor market.”

This sentiment is echoed in a recent Visa report, which states that 79% of employees would leave their current employer for one offering earned wage access.

Fuego, Fourth’s same day pay app, is the only earned wage access solution fully integrated within a scheduling app, HotSchedules, and it comes at no cost for customers. This integrated functionality within HotSchedules is driving unprecedented user adoption rates of up to 80%.

“Rolling out Fuego was seamless. We’re seeing the immediate benefits for our team members across all of our restaurants,” said Jeff Gabriel, vice president of strategy for 23 Restaurant Services. “Employees really enjoy accessing their wages almost instantly, and managers are happy they’re able to offer this benefit to retain the talent they’ve worked so hard to hire. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

Fuego allows employees to set and track financial goals within the app. Plus, team members can sign up for the Fuego Visa® Card, an important benefit for those who may not have a traditional banking relationship.

The Fuego Card is also available as a payroll deposit option for PeopleMatter customers, Fourth’s Applicant Tracking and Onboarding application.

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