Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Deploys ConverseNow Voice AI Technology Across 60 Restaurant Locations

Anthony’s looks to ConverseNow’s AI technology as a solution for stores to meet demand while growing same-store sales.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is deploing ConverseNow, the leading voice AI technology platform for restaurants, in all 60 locations across the East Coast. Following a successful pilot program where ConverseNow’s virtual assistants demonstrated the same success they’ve brought other leading restaurant chains, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, owned by BurgerFi International Inc. (Nasdaq: BFI, BFIIW), is eager to continue the momentum around streamlining phone orders with a brand-wide implementation of voice AI.

Equipped with conversational intelligence, ConverseNow AI-powered virtual ordering assistants replicate natural human dialogue to gauge customer sentiment and guide conversations. They can detect nuances and predict ordering behaviors, as well as maximize revenues by upselling items based on contextual data and information available to them in real-time.

Nearly 50% of Anthony’s sales come from off-premises orders, with phone orders being a significant revenue stream. Processing 500,000 phone orders a year, Anthony’s looks to ConverseNow’s AI technology as a solution for stores to meet demand while growing same-store sales. ConverseNow’s virtual ordering assistants are capable of handling 100% of Anthony’s phone calls, as well as boosting average check by 10 – 12 %. Additionally, guests will be able to seamlessly integrate their loyalty numbers to earn points and rewards when ordering with AI.

ConverseNow transforms how quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and full-service restaurants (FSRs) serve customers with sophisticated AI voice ordering assistants that help optimize the deployment of valuable staff hours and improve the speed and accuracy of orders. Its cloud-based, multilingual solution personalizes restaurant orders in high-volume voice channels such as phone, drive-thru, self-service kiosks, and voice-assisted chat on mobile devices.

Live in more than 1200 restaurants across 43 states, ConverseNow has delivered a much-needed answer to the industry-wide labor shortage, processing limitless conversations at once with remarkable accuracy so staff can focus on higher-priority tasks such as fulfillment and in-person service, at times doubling volume during peak hours. ConverseNow’s voice AI is shown to increase average ticket up to 20% and same-store sales up to 30%, while adding up to 12 hours of extra deployable labor time per store per week.

“Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is a phenomenal business. We are delighted to work with a leading brand in the restaurant industry and help it benefit from technology that allows it to make better use of its human capital while maximizing its delivery and pick up orders generated by its phone and voice channels,” says Vinay Shukla, co-founder, and CEO of ConverseNow.

“There’s no question that automation is the future, which is why Anthony’s was an early adaptor of this technology” says Ian Baines, Chief Executive Officer at BurgerFi International Inc. “With ConverseNow’s technology, Anthony’s is taking the system to the next level for faster service and an improved customer experience.”

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