The National Restaurant Association Releases New Report on Restaurant Technology

The National Restaurant Association set out to explore the landscape of current technology adoption in restaurants, plans for future adoption, and restaurant operators’ thoughts and opinions on this fast-moving trend. Among the findings of its new report Mapping the Restaurant Technology Landscape:

  • 81 percent of restaurants use a POS or electronic register system.
  • 68 percent of restaurants offer Wi-Fi for guests.
  • 37 percent of restaurants offer online ordering.
  • 32 percent of restaurants accept mobile payment.
  • 53 percent of restaurant operators say they would implement predictive ordering technology if it were available to them today.
  • 37 percent of restaurant operators believe the most important area of technology development in the next five years is customer ordering.
  • 32 percent restaurant operators consider their operations to be lagging when it comes to technology use.
  • 12 percent consider their operations to be leading-edge.