Delaget Announces the Release of Its Enhanced Business Intelligence Dashboard for Restaurants

Delaget Coach dashboards are configurable to meet the needs of all levels of a restaurant operators' organization.

The complexity of restaurant technology is accelerating as operators onboard new systems throughout their business from mobile ordering and delivery to temperature monitoring and digital inventory tracking. Because all of these technologies are siloed, restaurant operators are spending a great deal of time accessing individual systems and manually compiling reports, to get a holistic view of their business.

To address the problem, Delaget, based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, today announced the release of its expanded and enhanced business intelligence dashboard, called Delaget Coach. Delaget Coach aggregates and calculates data from disparate restaurant technologies and displays it in an easy-to-read and configurable dashboard, so restaurant managers, area coaches and home office executives can monitor and compare important metrics like sales, labor, food costs, speed-of-service and guest experience, all on one screen.

The newly-enhanced Delaget Coach consolidates all critical information into a single, customizable dashboard. These configurable dashboards are tailored to each level of an operator’s organization, so employees only see what’s relevant to them.  This improved visibility means operators gain a much greater understanding of what’s happening in their business.

With the new release of Delaget Coach, operators can quickly act on issues and opportunities through the new workflow management functionality. They can assign tasks, monitor progress, and follow up, all within the tool, streamlining communications and supporting accountability efforts.

In addition its data warehousing solution and suite of reporting and analytics solutions for restaurants, Delegate is well known for its loss prevention and labor efficiency solution. The software, called Delaget Guard, analyzes a franchisee’s operational data to identify opportunities to decrease loss and improve employee productivity, then recommends specific actions restaurant managers and above store leaders can take to address those situations.

A recent analysis found that Taco Bell restaurants using Delaget Guard save an average of $14,000 per store, per year, over Taco Bell restaurants not using the software and have 10 times fewer discounts than Taco Bell restaurants not using the software, equating to an average of $18 per day, or $550 per month, per store, in savings. Other benefits of using Delaget Guard include reduced time studying reports, greater labor efficiency, greater employee retention, improved guest satisfaction, improved speed of service, reduced food costs, and increased net sales.

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