Qwick Launches Digital Orientations and COVID-19 Certification Program for Hospitality Professionals

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Qwick is also taking action to help the 82K+ Professionals on their platform respond to COVID-19 by waiving all cancellation penalties.

Qwick, the leading on-demand staffing platform for the food and beverage industry, has announced the launch of their digital orientations to help onboard new Professionals and a certification training program for hospitality professionals currently enrolled on their platform. Qwick is also taking action to help the 82K+ Professionals on their platform respond to COVID-19 by waiving all cancellation penalties.

Due to the increased demand for freelance work, Qwick will be rolling out virtual orientations to professionals starting today. Qwick’s Orientation process, which has historically been in-person, is the first step in vetting Professionals for quality. The new digital experience will include a remote interview piece as well as a “Qwiz” that tests for work experience. Each step of the process carries an element of the weighted scoring system, determining whether a Professional is eligible to receive shifts from Businesses. 

The company is simultaneously launching the Qwick COVID-19 Certification Program in partnership with 360training to provide a free training program for the 82K+ Professionals on their platform. The goal of the program is to educate hospitality workers on how to prevent acquiring and/or transmitting COVID-19. Once Professionals have completed the online course, they will take a comprehension quiz to educate on developments related to the coronavirus and how to prepare restaurants for virus prevention. Upon completion of the program, Professionals will receive the certification on their profile and have access to more shifts. 

“The health and safety of Qwick’s community is our priority. With recent news around COVID-19, we want to make sure Professionals know the best ways to protect themselves and others when filling shifts,” says Jamie Baxter, CEO of Qwick. “The COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably affecting the hospitality industry and it’s important now more than ever for Professionals to continue offering excellent service while maintaining the best practices for safe food preparation.”

Additionally, Qwick will be waiving all cancellation penalties to encourage social distancing as well as supporting those who need to take sick leave. These measures are being implemented to protect the Qwick community and ensure professionals are taking the right precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Qwick provides a platform for food and beverage professionals to connect directly with hotels, caterers, event venues and restaurants with the freedom and flexibility to work on their own schedules. Qwick currently operates in 7 total markets around the nation:  Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Qwick provides hospitality businesses with a 98 percent average fill-rate and immediate access to a pre-vetted and certified gig economy workforce.

For more information on Qwick’s initiatives during this time, click here.

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