Restaurants Implement Paytronix Order & Delivery to Support Their Online Sales

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Employing the latest cloud technology, Paytronix Order & Delivery enables rapid processing of digital orders.

The toughest situations foster innovation and experimentation, and that’s just how companies using the Paytronix Order & Delivery platform have tackled the COVID-crisis. Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, recently highlighted five brands that have successfully ramped up their takeout business with such innovations as grocery and alcohol sales, a ghost kitchen, and email marketing to support their online sales.

“Paytronix Order & Delivery continues to add functionality, such as our Rapid Launch, that empowers restaurants and c-stores in this time of industry transition,” said Tim Ridgely, head of Order & Delivery for Paytronix. “It’s great to see brands like Little Greek, Local Cantina, Zukku Sushi, Elote Mexican Kitchen and Oliva Italian Eatery take advantage of all that we offer to quickly come up with ways of extending their businesses and helping their guests in these unprecedented times.”

When Florida-based Little Greek Fresh Grill noticed that its customers were having a hard time getting groceries, they leveraged Paytronix Order & Delivery to open takeout community groceries in most of their 44 restaurants.

“[Paytronix] did a beta test of curbside delivery and that just really – we were fortunate to get that set up right away. That’s been a huge help because customers can order online, pay online, and pick up their food and have a team member bring it out to them. There is no human interaction, if you will,” said Jennifer Bujalski, director of administrative services, Little Greek Fresh Grill. “We’re able to buy product from our distributors or our vendors … especially at the beginning of this when people couldn’t find chicken or ground beef or eggs, cheese, potatoes, gloves, toilet paper, paper towels – that’s all stuff we were able to get. We were able to sell that to our guests online.”

Here is how each of the five brands cited – Little Greek, Local Cantina, Zukku Shushi, and Elote Mexican Kitchen and Oliva Italian Eatery – put Paytronix Order & Delivery to work for them:

Employing the latest cloud technology, Paytronix Order & Delivery enables rapid processing of digital orders. It has an easy-to-use guest ordering interface, digital ordering management tools, more than a dozen POS integrations, and the best loyalty integration on the market today. In addition, Paytronix has partnered with premier third-party aggregators to help enhance the online ordering experience.

Restaurant and convenience store brands can learn more about Paytronix Order & Delivery and schedule a personalized demo here.

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