Restaurant POS Mobility Changes Everything (Here Are Some Of The Ways)

According to new research conducted by Starfleet Research, 84% of full-service restaurants, and 72% of quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, have achieved “significant” or “dramatic” improvement in their overall performance, including improvement in financial results, after […]


TouchBistro Unveils Its Restaurant Reservation and Guest Management Platform

TouchBistro today announced the launch of TouchBistro Reservations, a complete reservation and guest management platform designed to help restaurateurs enhance every guest experience. TouchBistro Reservations is fully integrated with TouchBistro POS and provides restaurants with automatic […]


Revention Launches Tablet POS, Helping Restaurants Improve Efficiencies and Enhance the Customer Experience

Restaurant POS and mobile and online ordering solution provider Revention has announced the launch of Revention Tablet POS to complement their industry-leading POS system. With Revention Tablet POS, restaurant owners will benefit from ultimate mobility as […]

Market Research

Infographic: Next-Generation Restaurant Management Systems – Fast Facts

Starfleet Research, a leader in benchmarking best practices in hospitality technology (and the IT market research arm of Starfleet Media, publisher of Restaurant Technology News), recently partnered with Linga POS, a leading restaurant POS solution […]