“What’ll Ya Have, What’ll Ya Have?” The Varsity, the World’s Largest Drive-in Restaurant, Selects NCR Aloha

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) announced today that The Varsity, Atlanta’s iconic drive-in restaurant, has selected NCR Aloha for its point-of-sale (POS) enterprise solution. The Varsity joins more than 75,000 restaurants using NCR Aloha, recognized as the number-one restaurant POS worldwide. The Varsity will use NCR Aloha to drive its digital transformation and fundamentally transform and innovate the consumer experience while retaining their trademark customer service.

“We’re new neighbors with NCR after their move to Midtown, and we see their employees dining with us daily. We know we have found a partner who truly understands the restaurant business, and how we need technology to enhance our iconic experience that has been part of Atlanta’s culture for 90-plus years,” said Andy Mimkewicz, CIO at The Varsity.

Any one of the millions who have stood at the counter at The Varsity have to appreciate the rhythm of so many people in the kitchen and at the counter who step, grab, dodge to serve customers. Leveraging the NCR Aloha portfolio, The Varsity will be able to increase its speed of service while reducing operating costs – all to deliver for customers even faster. Additionally, NCR is providing professional services that will help The Varsity map out and integrate their entire technology portfolio – both NCR and third-party technologies.

“Everything from a ‘naked dog’ and ‘bag of rags’ to an ‘F.O.’ can quickly be sent to the kitchen using NCR Aloha’s conversational ordering capabilities that restaurant staffers around the world know and love,” said Brian Dugan, senior vice president and Hospitality general manager at NCR. “The Varsity creates a customer experience like no other, and we’re proud to help them do this even better with powerful restaurant technology, made simple.”

NCR will serve The Varsity in partnership with reseller Retail Data Systems.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading software- and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail, hospitality, telecom and technology industries. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with 34,000 employees and does business in 180 countries. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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