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Domino’s Introduces Pinpoint Delivery Feature on Its Mobile App for Improved Customer Location Accuracy

Domino’s Pizza, the world’s largest pizza company, has unveiled its latest innovation in delivery services, dubbed Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery. According to the company, customers can now use the new mobile app feature to receive their […]

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7 Ways Technology Can Help Restaurants Decrease COGS and Operational Expenses

All successful restaurant operators know that the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is one of the most critical elements of managing a restaurant profitably. Unfortunately, controlling or decreasing COGS is quite challenging when food costs […]

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MarginEdge Launches Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Restaurant Accountants and Bookkeepers

MarginEdge, the leading restaurant management and bill payment platform, has launched an innovative new finance tool, [me] finance, the only accounts payable automation solution built exclusively for restaurant accountants and bookkeepers. Designed to automate manual […]

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6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making its way into numerous industries, and restaurants are no exception. In fact, the use of AI in the food industry has been increasing at an unprecedented rate, offering multiple […]

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Revenue Management Solutions Launches Platform that Gives Restaurant Operators Access to Menu Price Change Data

Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), a world leader in data-driven analytics and tech-enabled solutions for restaurants, has launched its Competitor Price Intelligence solution. The competitive price platform includes a proprietary Restaurant Price Index (RPI) that analyzes […]

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After Raising $445 Million, Zume Pulls the Plug On Its Pizza-Making Robots and Shifts Its Focus to Sustainable Packaging

In a surprising turn of events, Zume, the California-based company that once aimed to revolutionize pizza delivery with its robotic technology, has officially shut down its operations. The news comes after Zume raised a staggering […]