Five Guys Ensures Food Safety Across All Restaurant Locations by Renewing Its Partnership with ComplianceMate

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Five Guys first began using the ComplianceMate temperature-tracking solution in 2011 and is now required for all locations.

Five Guys, an international restaurant chain founded in 1986, has renewed its agreement with CM Systems LLC and its ComplianceMate food safety software through 2025. Unlike other QSR concepts, Five Guys does not use frozen meat in its burgers. All food is cooked fresh, and the storage of ingredients within Five Guys’ refrigerators is very closely monitored for quality and food safety.

Jim Gibson, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Five Guys, says, “ComplianceMate continues to prove itself to be the best solution for all of our corporate and franchisee operations around the globe. Their integration of store management tools and temperature monitoring for food service organizations provides a complete integrated package for our company.”

ComplianceMate uses LoRaWAN IoT wireless sensors to monitor temperatures continuously and automatically generate alerts when temperatures are outside acceptable thresholds. These wireless sensors work within the ComplianceMate proprietary management software, which includes custom operating checklists used to enhance and document compliance and improve operating efficiencies.

The entire system works wirelessly and seamlessly, providing alerts, reports, and analysis of potentially unsafe food, malfunctioning equipment, and/or other issues to all levels of management within the organization (corporate and franchise operations) before the food is served to the public.

The system eliminates concerns about human error and facilitates compliance with the U.S. FDA’s HACCP guidelines to ensure that food is safe.

Five Guys first began using the ComplianceMate temperature-tracking solution in 2011 and is now required for all locations. ComplianceMate is now incorporated as part of the global Five Guys operations in 23 countries.

“Five Guys and ComplianceMate are perfect partners and have been for over a decade, and this contract renewal underscores our relationship,” says Thom Schmitt, VP at ComplianceMate. “We share the same goals, working together to improve food safety programs. We also increase efficiencies in the way food safety is executed. Finally, we continue to enhance the system/processes to make it easy to use and enable data-driven decisions.”

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