How New Technologies Help Address Restaurant Challenges

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor With more than one million restaurants in the United States battling it out for a larger slice of the pie, and tens of millions around the world doing the same, […]


How Technology Upgrades the Restaurant Going Experience

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Consumer surveys point to the fact that more and more people, particularly millennials, prefer to spend their money on memorable and shareable experiences than on material goods. Needless to say, […]


How Restaurants (and Guests) Benefit From Mobile Enablement

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Mobile enablement— e.g., utilizing tablets for order and payment processing — is not just about meeting guest expectations. It is also about financial performance. In some restaurant categories, POS mobility […]


Table-Side Ordering and Paying Benefits Both Restaurants and Guests

By Debbie Carson Table-side order placement via tablets removes some of the most common barriers to guest satisfaction and restaurant loyalty. So, too, does table-side payment processing. In both cases, these common barriers are the […]

Inventory Tracking

Using Technology to Keep a Close Eye on Restaurant Food Inventory

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Restaurant operators need to minimize food waste, spoilage, theft, and over-production. They need to understand how adjustments to menus and recipes flow down to ingredients. They need to track the […]

Data & Analytics

Why Restaurants Need to Focus on Transaction Data Security and Mobile Payment Processing

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor For many restaurant operators, EMV compliance for processing chip card (chip-and-signature and chip-and-PIN) transactions, and the imminent liability shift, has been the main impetus to upgrade their technology capabilities. Unless […]